​Friends of Shasta County K9


Our K9 Teams are very dedicated both to their chosen profession and their choice to assume the responsibility of training and caring for their K9 partners. They also volunteer their free time to assist with fundraising efforts and public events.


During these very important interactions our K9 handlers and their furry partners encourage children to run toward law enforcement in times of trouble, rather than away from them. 


Our teams are committed to setting the standards for others to follow. You can have results or you can have excuses but you can't have both.

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Our Mission:


Protecting and Serving the Citizens of Shasta County. There is no way to quantify how many situations are resolved rather than escalated, simply because of the presence of a K9.

Promoting relations between the community and law enforcement through education of the public on the modern day use of the law enforcement K9.

In addition to fundraising efforts, Friends of Shasta County K9 acts as a liaison with the public. We utilize social media to share the activities of the Shasta County Sheriff's Office K9 teams both in their law enforcement capacity as well as when they participate in educational demonstrations with civic organizations or community oriented venues. We also share links, on our Facebook page, to non-affiliated law enforcement K9 team pages, recognize canines that serve in other aspects of public safety and the military, share helpful tips to educate the public on the care of their own canine family members and so much more!